Creating powerful images in a delicate photoshoot

We were delighted to see Lily back at the studio last week for an editorial style photoshoot with Marija, our family and fashion photographer. This was her third photoshoot with us at the studio, so we wanted to create images that were different to anything we’d captured for her and her family before.



Lily is an elegant young lady and very mature for her age; so we decided to create something inspired by a bygone era that spoke of an “old soul”. As an aspiring model, Lily was more than happy to go with us and be patient while we tried new ideas.


With this in mind, Marija headed off to plan the styling and find some beautiful wild flowers. I must admit, it was only after the shoot that we realised how appropriate these would be given her floral name!



The photoshoot began with bare shoulders, wild flowers and a soft light to give an ethereal look. With such a close crop and little colour or texture to distract your eye, it all comes down to facial expression. So after trying lots of tiny adjustments, this gentle direct gaze gave a real innocence and purity to the portraits.



The next sequence featured Lily’s yellow t-shirt and some buttercups. Such a simple idea to bring the colours together, but given a twist with an unusual perspective. It made Lily’s mum Sally laugh to see Marija balancing to get the perfect angle for this fabulous portrait. She said “as an aspiring camera jockey, I found it fascinating to watch Marija work in the studio”.



In our Couture studio they created an editorial sequence with a gorgeous vintage dress from the studio’s wardrobe. This was a fabulous way to show an introspective side of Lily as she looked away from the camera deep in thought. Marija also shot some of the portraits through flowers which framed the image and gave the feeling that she was unobserved.



Finally, it was the treatment of the photos in Marija’s processing that truly brought everything together. I hope you agree that the muted colours and soft black and whites give the feel of silvered prints or antique postcards. After the shoot Lily said “It was hard staying in positions, but hilariously fun with Marija and the images are very good 😍 I really enjoyed it”.



Many clients think of doing something colourful or funky for their son or daughter’s portraits at this age, but we were thrilled with the quiet elegance of these editorial portraits and would love to see other families choose a similar look in the future.


Sometimes it’s more powerful to whisper than to shout.



If Lily’s photos have inspired you, please get in touch for more information and we can discuss how to could create something special for you or your loved ones at the studio.


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