Fabulous at Fifty! Three Inspirational Boudoir Stories

One of the most common reasons ladies book a boudoir photoshoot with us is to celebrate their 50th birthday. So many of our clients have told us that a sexy photoshoot has always been on their bucket list or that they’ve finally decided to do something special for themselves! A boudoir photoshoot is all about celebrating your body and telling your personal story with creative photos that will last a lifetime; so it’s the perfect way to mark a significant moment in your life. I’m delighted that three of our gorgeous clients have offered to share their unique 50th birthday boudoir story with you:


Andrea’s Boudoir Story

I had seen a Facebook post earlier in the year and said it was something I’d like to do for my 50th, but it was a special friend who purchased it for me as a gift. She said that she knew if she left it to me I’d never have booked! Most likely true as it still took me 6 months to pluck up the courage to book and I was extremely nervous before my photoshoot.



At first I found it quite tense having my make-up done as it took a while to build a rapport with Sarah, but once we clicked I felt much more comfortable and what she did with her wizardry (i.e. makeup and brushes!!) was incredible. I felt like I hardly had any makeup on and yet I also felt transformed. Sarah and my photographer Julia sat with me to discuss the underwear & accessories and I was happy to be led by them both as to what to wear when and how to sit, stand and lie. I ended up feeling so comfortable that I went for an implied nude shot too. Now I wished I’d done more!!



My viewing was amazing! I was more anxious about this than the shoot itself, as my partner was viewing with me, and the first few pictures I didn’t like – finding fault in me in all of them, despite the compliments from my partner and Danielle. But then I saw one photo that changed my perception. It’s my favourite of all of them and I was finally able to say that I looked amazing. From that point on I was able to compliment myself and be positive – a massive turnaround. I left the viewing totally buzzing and I adore my photos. We didn’t put any up for a while as we were moving house, but now we have they have pride of place!! An abstract one is in my lounge and the others in my bedroom.



This is an experience that takes you on a journey. Nearly everyone considers themselves flawed in some way and along the journey you learn to accept and see past the flaws. I’ve had weight issues and (more invasive) a double mastectomy followed by reconstruction. I only see my wobbly bits, my cellulite, my scars and my imperfect breasts. No – that’s what I DID see. Now I am able to see past those and see that I am attractive and quite sexy too!! The imperfections are what make me, but they don’t spoil me.


Claire’s Boudoir Story

I was inspired to do my photoshoot having found myself newly single after my partner of the previous 23 years went wandering. My confidence was at a low and I decided to treat myself to a much-needed boost. I was quite nervous before the shoot but also excited. I had previously done a mother and daughter photoshoot at Photo Nottingham and loved the results, so I knew the photos would be amazing.
In terms of the makeup, hair and styling – I let the professionals guide me and boy do they know their job! They know exactly what looks amazing and what was right for me. The shoot was the most empowering experience. I felt leaving strong, sexy, independent and beautiful. I wish I could bottle the way I felt afterwards. I was put completely at ease and very quickly started to enjoy myself. At the viewing I could barely believe the results, I even asked Danielle if it really was me! I had a lump in my throat. I felt so proud of this awesome woman I was looking at – me!
I am very proud of my beautiful pictures. I have some of them on the wall in my home. Nobody knows it’s me and I love that fact. They are very precious to me and reinforce the new, strong, sexy lady that I now know I am every time I look at them. Without a shadow of a doubt, I am more confident because of the whole experience. I did it purely for me, nobody else. My 50th birthday present to me because I’m worth it!


Sarah’s Boudoir Story

I was in a good place and embracing turning 50 – or 30 20 as I was calling it. I had lost a lot of weight in 2012 and had kept it off. Me and hubby were drifting and I wanted to celebrate turning 50 in a good positive way, not just a holiday, so I saved up and went for it.



I was so nervous as I hate having my photo taken. I was happy with my body, just not my face. Stuart and Sarah were fab. I didn’t want to not look like me, but Sarah made me feel like I was still me and not overly made up and Stuart put me straight at ease. Once we got out of the bedroom I was loving it. I wanted to do a naked yoga pose, but we were chatting and laughing so much that I forgot.



My viewing made me cry. I couldn’t believe I could look so hot. I had prints of all of my favourite pics and twelve of them are displayed in our bedroom to see every day. Two and a half years later I am still inspired by them. I love you at Photo Nottingham for what you are doing to empower us and I am saving to have them done again at 60 – hopefully I will still be fit and flexible and will finally get my glamorous naked pics.


Do you feel inspired?

If Andrea, Claire and Sarah have inspired you to book a boudoir photoshoot to mark a special occasion in your life, please give us a call on 01159243995 or treat yourself to a voucher on our website for just £99.





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