10 ways to make the most of your child’s photoshoot

Most parents will agree that our children are the most important thing in our lives, but they change and grow so quickly! Photos have the magical ability to freeze a moment in time and we believe that capturing portraits to proudly display in your home is the perfect way to protect those precious memories for years to come.


Having photographed children for more than 16 years we’ve worked with screaming toddlers and moody teenagers, confident posers and camera-shy children alike and we’ve learnt the hard way what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to photographing children of all ages.


So here are our top tips to ensure you make the most of your child’s photoshoot:



1 – Book a photoshoot at the right time of day

Generally younger children are happier in the morning, but teenagers are grumpy if you wake them too early. You want everyone to be in a good mood for their photoshoot so think about what time of day will best suit your children and don’t forget to factor in nap-time, especially if they usually fall asleep in the car. 


2 – Make sure they’ve eaten before their photoshoot

No one is happy when they’re hungry (photographers included) so we’d recommend a big breakfast to set everyone up for the day and maybe a snack before you head to the studio. Our neighbours are a lovely coffee shop called Fox Talbots where you could treat yourselves to breakfast, lunch or a slice of cake before or after your photoshoot.



3 – Don’t tell them what to do before they get into the studio

Many parents try to help us by telling their children before their photoshoot that they need to sit still, smile or behave in the studio. Of course we all want the session to be a success, but we also want them to relax and enjoy the experience. It’s best to take off the pressure and take things as they come.


4 – Opt for a style that suits your home

Remember, you want these photos to be a part of your home for years to come, so think about what will suit your decor before you decide which style of photoshoot you want and what your children should wear. If you’re not sure of the options, give us a call for a chat or take a look on our webpage https://www.photonottingham.co.uk/familyportrait/



5 – Choose clothes you know fit them well

Children grow so quickly sometimes that you could believe their clothes shrink in the wardrobe! It’s a good idea to get them to try on their outfits well in advance so there’s no last minute panic on the day of their photoshoot. If they’re likely to get messy or crumpled in the car, you can always bring their clothes and get them changed here just before their photoshoot.


6 – Make sure you arrive on time

Arriving late can not only cut short your time with your photographer, but is guaranteed to make you stressed and get the children flustered. Take a look at our location and give yourself plenty of time to find us if it’s your first time at our studio, you can always have a coffee next door or relax in our reception if you’re here early.



7 – Have photos taken with your children

The best way to demonstrate how to behave in the studio is to do it yourself! It’s always easier when parents embrace the experience and get involved as we can start off with you all together to set the tone and allow your children to relax into the photoshoot before we capture photos of them individually or with siblings.


8 – Trust your photographer to direct the photoshoot

It’s really tempting to repeat instructions to the children or try to make them smile and look at the camera by dancing about behind the photographer, but this only confuses and distracts the children from what their photographer is asking and doing. In all honesty, it’s best to stand back and let your photographer direct the photoshoot and they’ll ask for your help as and when you’re needed.



9 – Don’t offer bribes during the photoshoot

Many parents come to the studio promising sweets, toys and days out in exchange for good behaviour; but this makes it feel like the photoshoot is something horrible to be endured in order to get a treat. Instead, why not focus on what a fun day you’ll have together at the studio?


10 – Display your chosen photos proudly at home

We hope you love the pictures we capture of your children and display them proudly in your home for all your family and friends to see; and that your children remember the experience positively so that their time in the spotlight will be even easier and more enjoyable next time you visit the studio.



Please don’t be afraid to book a photoshoot and capture memories of your children, no matter their age or whether how confident they usually are in front of a camera. We’ll help you every step of the way!


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