Our Personal and Private Boudoir Shoots

A boudoir photoshoot at the studio is designed to boost your confidence with professional styling, flattering lighting and easy poses to bring out the best in your figure. Whether you want to treat yourself for a special birthday, surprise your partner on the morning of your wedding, or celebrate your new body after childbirth: every session is unique as no two women’s story is the same. What’s your story?



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``I'm a mum of 3 who's been so ill for 18 months and wanted to do something for myself to boost my confidence. The experience was brilliant and made me feel so special. I would recommend it to any woman to remind themselves that they are not just a mum but a beautiful lady.`` Jane


Who are the ladies featured on your website?

The women in our gallery are our clients, not professional models. Most had never had a professional photoshoot before and all of them were anxious when they booked, but they were thrilled with the results and kindly gave us permission to share their favourite portraits with you.


Am I too old/curvy/skinny for a boudoir photoshoot?

No! Any woman over 21 years old can book a boudoir session with us. We have years of experience photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes and will tailor your portraits to suit your style, figure and personality.


Is makeup and hair styling included?

You’ll start with makeup and hair styling with one of our professionally trained, experienced makeup artists who will ensure you look and feel amazing before you set foot in the studio. They will also stay with you in the studio to help style your photoshoot.


How will I know how to pose?

Your photographer will direct you throughout the session and your stylist will be on hand to demonstrate the poses and help you get into position. Don’t worry, all the poses are designed to be simple but there will be a lot of arching, twisting and extending to get the best out of every photo.

If your question isn’t answered here, please call Michelle or Danielle for a chat on 01159243995